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Campervan Rental in Portugal

Portugal by Van

Welcome to Portugal by Van – Your must have Campervan Experience in Portugal.

Make the ultimate roadtrip with a campervan in Portugal, starting in Lisbon, Porto or Faro.
As a small campervan rental company in Portugal, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best way to experience our Portugal.
From the coastline of Algarve to the vinewieard of Douro Valey, all the roads will take you to the most amazing campervan experience.
Explore Portugal’s coast, where sun, surf, and golden sunsets await at every turn. Set off on an indie adventure and make our campervan your home, experiencing the freedom and flexibility that only vanlife can offer.

Book your campervan now and let the adventure begin!

Choose your van and discover Portugal

Our Vans


Elegant Duo

A smaller campervan with a beautiful and stylish design.



The campervan with a beautiful design, ideal for a couple or small family.

3 Seats

Practical Explorer

A simple and functional campervan designed for exploration.


Comfort Cruiser

The campervan that prioritizes comfort and relaxation for four passengers.


Family Friendly

The spacious campervan perfect for family getaways and group trips.

For your trip


Included on the daily price
All damage and collison waiver.
One driver
Unlimited Km’s
€2.000,00 caution



All damage and collison waiver.
One driver
Extra driver
Unlimited Km’s
€1.500,00 caution


All damage and collison waiver.
Two drivers
Unlimited Km’s
Passengers insurance
Windscreen coverage
Drive outside Portugal
€750,00 Caution
Partial extra insurance options:
  • Extra driver (add a new driver to the Premium or Extra Premium option) – 5,50€/day
  • Driver under 25 years old – 10€/day
  • Windscreen coverage – 8€/day
Pick up e drop off:
  • The van can be collected from 14:00h to 17:00h and delivered from 9h00 to 11h30 from Monday to Friday in our store without extra costs;
  • If you want to collect or deliver the van outside this schedule or on weekends, an additional fee is applied.
  • Pick up and drop off at Lisbon airport is also possible with an additional fee.
  • Other places like Porto and Faro are subject to availability.
We don´t have hidden costs, but extra costs may apply if:
  • Being a low cost company means having few resources and that’s why we have to penalize every delay in the schedule time of the pick up and/or drop off (Please don’t be late);
  • The electronic toll reader costs €15 and is not included in the price because it will only be charged if you use it;
  • The van isn’t clean on the inside and outside adds a €65 fee;
  • The gas tank is not full adds a fee of €35 plus the fuel difference;
  • The chemical toilet isn’t delivered clean and without any traces of use. If not meeting these requirements adds a fee of € 65 from the security deposit;
  • In case of damage of a part of the van that does not result from its use adds a fee to review after talking to the mechanic.

Make the most of your trip

Extra Rentals











Body Board

Body Board




What others say about us


“Brand new van, well equipped and super helpful staff. Portugal beaches are amazing.”

Alexandre Linha Paranhos

“Very lovely local organisation, friendly staff and super patient when explaining the van. Great vans, spacious and everything worked just fine (watch out for the small streets though!). Camping on a cliff is just the best way to relax!”

Charlotte Kranendonk

“Excellent plan pour tous les amoureux du “tourisme-liberté”!!! Portugalbyvan nous a permis de découvrir ce fabuleux pay”s qu’est le Portugal de la manière la plus agréable possible.

Karim Djeffal

“Excellent car, great service and no problems at all! A great way to experience Portugal.”

Jørgen Hustadnes Hagen

How to rent your van

Payments & Reservations



You can make the reservation: 

  • PBy bank transfer paying 50% of the rental cost
  • PBy our Paypal account, paying 50% (administrative costs may apply) of the rental cost.
  • PWith credit card, paying 50% (administrative costs may apply) of the rental cost.


The Rental Payment
  • PBy bank transfer.
  • PBy our Paypal account, paying 50% (administrative costs may apply) of the rental cost.
  • PWith credit card, paying 50% (administrative costs may apply) of the rental cost.


Security Deposit
A security deposit is always paid (no administrative costs on Paypal or credit card) and it will be return 5 days after we collect the van. (we have to insure there are no fines, toll taxes and unseen damages)