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Rate and Reservation

-Can I book all the campervans online?

Yes, you can from our website. Click on Ask for a Quote, where you’ll receive a budget on your email. There, you need to click on “Ready to book”

-Is there a minimum rental period to book our campervan holidays in Portugal?

Our minimum rental period depends on the season you’re renting the van. Check here.

-Can I get a discount for a longer hire?

Yes, sure. We can offer a discount of 5% on hires of over 14 days and 10% on hires of 28 days or more. (extras or insurance pack not included). We also offer other hire deals.

-Do I have to pay any fee to collect and drop off in different locations?

Yes, we charge a fee to collect /drop a camper at Porto and Faro.


-I arrive out of your office hours. Can I collect my camper?

Yes. The fee for an early collect from 9.00am until 11h30 is €45. The fee for a late collect from 5.00pm is €70.
Also in case you want a late drop off from 2.00pm until 5.00, the fee is 55€. An early drop off, between 6h00 and 8h30 costs 70€.
All payments and documents must be organized prior to arrival.

-Do I need to pay a booking deposit to secure our motorhome holidays in Portugal or Spain?

Yes, we need to take a 50% down payment to reserve your campervan. The remaining balance is to be paid by credit/debit card on arrival.

How is it paid the safety deposit?

Notice that a transaction will occur and it is not just a holding on the card, so you have to have the amount available.
So please call your card service or your bank and check if your card is up to the limit of the safety deposit depending in what type of insurance you have made (€ 2000 (standard), € 1500 (Premium) ou € 750 (extra Premium) to avoid problems and delays when you are picking up your van.
All the credit cards must be able to make online purchases abroad and associated with these are lots of different security measures. Make sure you know which one applies to your case.
We are not responsible for any type of exchange rates. We charge in Euro and refund the amount in Euro

-When will I get my security deposit back?

Security deposits are released until one week following the drop of your rental camper. It can be longer if we need to wait for quotes for damage repair.


-Can I rent a van If I’m under 25?

We can rent to under 25’s for an additional €10/day.

-How many people can drive the campervan?

The price includes one main driver. You can add a second driver for a fee or with the according insurance.

Pick Up and Drop Off Terms

-What are the Office Hours?

Our offices are opened from 9h to 17h. Please contact us for any request outside the standard hours.

-What are the pick up/drop off terms?

Standard pick up is between 2:00pm to 5:00pm. Campers to be returned between 9:00am until 11.30am.
You can do outside this schedules for an extra fee.

-What do I need to bring when I collect my camper?

When you come to collect the camper you should bring with you:
Driving license of all the named drivers.
Credit card in the name of the hirer. This should have enough funds to cover any of the security deposit options(maximum €2000).
Passport / I.D.

-Where can I collect & drop off the vans

Depends on the location you choose. It can be in our office in Lisbon, at Lisbon Airport and in Faro or Porto train station.
The only place without additional charges is our office in Lisbon.

-Can I collect and drop in different locations?

We offer the advantage of a one way hire, allowing you to take your time and see the best of Portugal. Choose between Lisbon, Porto & Faro with all our vans.

-Where do I collect and deliver my camper from?

Our office is located in Odivelas, a part of Lisbon metropolitan area located 8Km from the airport. The nearby subway station is “Senhor Roubado” in yellow line.
It’s less than 10 minutes by Uber.
For a more precise location please search in Google Maps for “Portugal by Van”. (https://goo.gl/maps/RfYuNc1keY32)
Address: Rua do Senhor Roubado Lot 302 – Vale do Forno – 2675 Odivelas, close to the Largo da Saudade Nº1
In Porto we meet at the Porto Campanha train station.
In Faro is also at the train station

-Can I leave my car at your base?

Unfortunately not. We don’t have enough space and only our campervans are covered by insurance.

-I arrive before 2:00pm. Can I collect the van earlier?

Please let us know if you would like an earlier collection. We will look at our existing schedules and see if this is possible. The fee for an early collect from 9.00am is 45€.

-What happens if my arrival is delayed?

You must notify us as soon as you know about the delay. If you arrival runs into our out of office hours , the relevant charges will apply. If you fail to notify us of any delay you will be charged 50€ fee for staff waiting time.

-Do I have to clean the van on return?

Yes. We keep our prices as low as possible by minimising the amount of time spent handing the van on to the next customers. If the van is returned dirty we will charge a €6 cleaning fee for all models.

-Do I have to refuel the camper on return?

The camper must be returned washed, swept out and surfaces wiped down, with WC emptied and fuel full.

Booking Changes

-Can I modify my booking?

You have 48 hrs following making the booking to amend your booking, (free of charge). After which there is a €50 admin fee. This is always subject to availability. Any change of model will depend on availability (the daily rate will be updated accordingly).
Portugal by Van will not refund any altered dates 1 month before my arrival.

-Can I cancel my booking?

We offer a flexible cancellation policy so you can book with peace of mind during. If you are unable or unwilling to embark on your adventure with Portugal by Van for any reason, you may rebook once to a future date up to 1 year after the cancellation date. The value of your current booking will be credited once for use on your new trip, subject to availability. If you don’t know your new travel dates yet, you will be issued a one time use credit for your original booking. When you’ve got your new dates, contact us and we’ll take care of the details. If you wish to cancel without rebooking, cancellation fees apply:
● If you cancel more than 30 days prior to the scheduled pick up time you will receive a 100% refund.
● If you cancel less than 30 days prior to your pick up day: the first 50% paid will be deducted and retained.
● We will not refund any altered dates 1 month before my arrival.

Our Campervans

-Where can I see the characteristics of each van?

The features of each model are available on our website. See our vans.

-How economical are your vans?

Normaly they do 7/9L to 100km with diesel fuel.

-How long will the Camper’s auxiliary battery last?

In all models there is 1 other auxilliary battery that runs all of the camper equipment. The fridge uses most of the power from this battery. With solar powered vans this isn’t a problem.


-Do you provide bedding?

We provide bedding for an additional fee of 55€. Our bedding sets consist of a freshly laundered duvet, pillows and a sheet.

-Do the campers have air conditioning?

Yes, all the models have.

-Do the vans have a bathroom or toilet?

The only models with bathroom – meaning indoor hot shower- are the Graceful Trio and Comfort Cruiser.
Regarding the toilet is portable and an extra you can rent for 30€ and take in any model.
All our models have electric outdoor shower connected to the water tank.

-Do the vans have USB points and mains sockets?

Yes, all our vans have USB points. They also have a socket for 240v appliances. The 240v sockets will only work when connected to a mains electricity supply on all vans.

-Do your vans have fridges?

Yes. All of our vans have 12v dometic compressor fridges. They all run off of the auxiliary battery and the mains when you are plugged into campsite power.

-Do your vans have cookers?

Sure. Either portable or fixed in the van but in all a cooker is included.

-Do your vans come with a sunshade?

No. But all our models have privacy curtains.

-Do the camper vans have auxiliary heating ?

No. This is an extra you can rent.

-Gas bottle included with every rental

The gas is included in all our models. In the vans where you have a portable stove (Elegant Duo, Pratical Explorer and Family Friendly) you have included one gas bottle only.

-Do you have roof racks?

In the Elegant duo only.

Extra Items and Services

-What are the extra items I can rent?

You can find a full list of our extra items here.

-Can I add some extras when I arrive?

You sure can! But only if your pick u pis in our office in Lisbon.

-Can you store my luggage during my trip?

We can keep your luggage for the booking period if you’re coming to pick up and drop off in our office in Lisbon. We cannot take responsibility or insure any items left on our premises.

Protection Plan

-Is my Campervan insured?

As a standard your van price includes the Basic Protection plan (2000 euros security deposit). You can lower this amount by taking out one of the extra packs. Take a look here for more details.

-Can I add an additional collision damage waiver cover when I arrive?

Yes, you may change your current cover when you arrive, you can pay for this by credit card or bank card on arrival.

-What if I breakdown in my modern camper?

You are covered with all of our vans with assistence. This offers you 24hr breakdown cover. In the unlikely event that a problem is not easily resolved, we will arrange a taxi to bring you back to our base or hotel whilst we prepare an alternative vehicle in case it’s available.

-What happens if I have an accident ?

If you have an accident, please: Call the local police, take pictures of any vehicles involved and road positions and fill in the accident report form in glove box. Call us too and do not sign any documentation without consulting us first. We are here to help!

-What if my van is stolen?

If this should happen you must alert us and the police immediately. We need to have a full police report to make any subsequent insurance claims. Insurance will be voided if the keys were left inside the vehicle and the vehicle unattended.

Your Trip: on the Road

-Can we take a modern camper outside of the country initially booked?

You can travel around Europe with all our models with our Extra Premium Insurance.

-Are the kilometers unlimited?

Yes, in all our campervan models que km are unlimited.

-Are the motorways free in Portugal?

The motorways are not free in Portugal and are charged by VIA VERDE. We rent motorway toll readers from them for each of the vans. There is a €15 activation fee if you use this toll reader, per rental contract.

-Fines / handling fees

Should you be unfortunate enough to be issued any parking tickets, we are happy to help with paying these on your behalf. We do charge a €30 admin fee for the administration time involved (fines within the country initially booked and for fines outside of the country initially booked €70. For any speeding violations, we are obliged to hand over the drivers details and will also charge a €30 administration fee for the country initally booked and €70 for outside of the country initially booked.


-Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you sure can and we love dogs. We charge a €55 extra fee. This is to make sure the van is deep cleaned and perfect for the next client.

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