Renault Master

5 Seats

You have a lot of friends? The 5 seats Renault Master is perfect for a bigger group of friends or someone that needs a lot of room space like surfers or kiters. All equipped and with all the convenience you need, inside you’ll find everything you need for maximum comfort and well-being. With the 5 seats Renault Master you are at home wherever you stop.

5 Seats


From 2019 First aid Kit
Portable gas stove – 1 burner Kitchen with sink and running water
Cooler 12V / 220V with 30L capacity All the kitchen appliances, forks, knives, spoons, cups, plates, pans
5 stools living room Table for meals (int/ext)
Bed for 5 persons Electricity 12V / 220V
 30L water tank Cable to connect to camping
Bathroom with shower and hot water Fire extinguisher
Optional extras for hire according to customer needs