Fiat Ducato

3 Seats

Portugal by Van presents the 3 seats Fiat Ducato. By far the best option for everyone that wants to meet Portugal in an even cheaper way. From a small group of friends to a couple in love, this is the Fiat Ducato that will take you everywhere, from north to south, from the beach to the city. Lowcost, big, reliable, comfortable, it’s exactly what you need if you’re looking value for money.

3 Seats


From April 2014 All the kitchen appliances, forks, knives, spoons, cups, plates, pans
Portable gas stove – 1 burner Table for meals
Cooler 12V / 220V with 30L capacity Electricity 12V / 220V
3 stools living room Cable to connect to camping
Bed for 3 persons Fire extinguisher
30L water tank Privacy curtains
First aid Kit Optional extras for hire according to customer needs
Kitchen with sink and running water Outside shower